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Niney The Observer, Tappa Zukie

Page One & the Observers: "Observation of Life Dub"

Niney The Observer: "Space Flight Dub" (1989)

Mixed byNiney?at???
Rhythms played by(see below)atChannel One
Produced byNiney The Observerreleased onDanceteria / ROIR
Drums: Style Scott; Bass: Flabba Holt
Rhythm Guitar: Dwight Pickney; Rhythm & Lead Guitars: Earl "Chinna" Smith
Keyboards: Fox; Percussion: "Sticky"
Trumpet: Bobby Ellis; Trombone: Vin Gordon; Tenor Sax: Deadly Headley
1.Nobody KnowsGregory IsaacsDancing Floor
2.Hard WorkShaggy WonderHard Work (comp.)
ChantingBig Youth???
3.Dancing FloorGregory IsaacsDancing Floor"Rockfort Rock"
Collie RockLee Perry???
6.?????????"Heavy Rock"?
10.Let Me Be Your ManYami Bolo???
11.Chips Is Down (Brother Don't Give Up)Gregory IsaacsDancing Floor
12.So Long You WrongHugh Griffith & TrinityHard Work (comp.)"Real Rock"

Niney: "Present Dub" (????)

Mixed byErrol Thompson & Carlton Lee & Lynford Anderson & King Tubbyat???
Rhythms played bySoul Syndicateat???
Produced byNiney The Observer (Winston Holness)released onTrojan
Drums: Carlton "Santa" Davis & Sly Dunbar; Bass: George "Fully" Fullwood
Guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith & Lloyd "Gitz" Willis; Keyboards: Bernard "Touter" Harvey & Keith Sterling
Trumpet: Bobby Ellis; Sax: Tommy McCook & Dean Frazier
Percussion: Issiah "Sticky" Thompson.
1.Only a SmileDennis BrownJust Dennis
2.Here I ComeDennis BrownWolf And Leopards
3.So Long RastafariDennis BrownDeep Down
4.Travelling ManDennis Brown???
5.You're No GoodDennis BrownDeep Down
6.CassandraDennis BrownJust Dennis
7.Blood and FireNiney???
8.Guess Who's Coming For DinnerMichael Rose???
9.I'm In Love With You BabyHorace Andy???
10.Prophecy CallGlasford Manning???
11.Run RunJunior Byles???
12.I Need a RoofBig Youth???
13.Why Cry??????
14.Nice and EasyHorace Andy???
15.New NameHorace Andy???
16.No More Will I RoamDennis BrownJust Dennis
17.Jah IJewels???
18.Bring the Couchie ComeNiney???
19.WeepingJunior Byles???
20.I Heart Is CleanCornell Campbell???
21.Tenement YardDennis Brown???
22.SufferationTyrone Taylor???

"Dennis Brown In Dub" (????)

Mixed byKing Tubbyat???
Rhythms played by???at???
Produced byNiney The Observerreleased onHeartbeat
1.AfricaDennis BrownWestbound Train
2.CassandraDennis BrownJust Dennis
3.Open The GateDennis BrownDeep Down
4.The ConquerorDennis BrownJust Dennis
5.Give A Helping HandDennis Brown???
6.You're No GoodDennis BrownDeep Down
7.My TimeDennis Brown???
8.Take A TripDennis BrownWestbound Train
9.Live After YouDennis Brown???
10.Yagga YaggaDennis BrownJust Dennis
11.Tenement YardDennis BrownWestbound Train
12.TribulationDennis BrownWestbound Train
13.Here I Come AgainDennis Brown???
14.No More Will I RoamDennis BrownWestbound Train
15.Westbound TrainDennis BrownWestbound Train
16.Wolf And LeopardsDennis BrownWolf And Leopards
17.Rock It With MeDennis Brown???
18.Traveling ManDennis BrownDeep Down
19.Silver WordsDennis BrownJust Dennis
20.Westbound TrainDennis BrownWestbound Train

Niney The Observer: "Sledgehammer Dub" (1977)

Mixed byKing TubbyatKing Tubby's
Rhythms played bySoul Syndicate & Cimarrons (9-10)atRandy's & Chalk Farm (9-10)
Produced byNiney The Observerreleased onCD: Motion
Drums: Carlton "Santa" Davis & Carl Levy; Bass: George "Fully" Fullwood & Franklyn Dunn
Lead Guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith & Locksley Gichie; Rhythm Guitar: Tony Valentine
Keyboards: Bernard "Touter" Harvey & Ansel Collins & Ossie Hibbert & Sonny Binns

Tracks 11-14: bonus tracks.

1.So Long RastafariDennis BrownDeep Down
2.Travelling ManDennis BrownDeep Down
3.You're No GoodDennis BrownDeep Down
4.Voice Of My FatherDennis BrownDeep Down
5.Open The GateDennis BrownDeep Down
6.Go NowDennis BrownDeep Down
7.God Bless Our SoulsDennis BrownDeep Down
8.Why Must IDennis Brown???
9.Why Seek MoreDennis Brown???
10.TribulationDennis BrownDeep Down
11.6 Dead 19 Gone A JailBig Youth???
12.Give A Helping HandDennis Brown???
13.Rock With Me BabyDennis Brown???
14.Tenement YardDisciples???

Page One: "Rock A Dub" (197x)

Mixed by???at???
Rhythms played by???at???
Produced byNineyreleased onJamaica Sound, CD: Burning Sounds
Information according to Roots Archives Forum.
1.Leggo The DreadSugar Minott???
2.Rivers of BabylonRonnie Davis or Brent Dowe???
3.Out Deh LightClint EastwoodOut Delight?
4.Can I Change My MindJohn Holt???
5.You Don't CareUniquesShowcase
6.Repatriation TimeDillingerCornbread
8.Engineer Afair?Errol Scorcher???
9.Wet BriefTrinity???
10.White ChristmasMiss Misty???

Tappa Zukie: "In Dub" (1976)

Mixed byPhilip SmartatKing Tubby's
Rhythms played byMusical Intimidatorsat???
Produced byTappa Zukiereleased onBlood & Fire
Musicians include:
Drums: Sly Dunbar & Santa Davis; Bass: Robbie Shakespear
Lead Guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith; Rhythm Guitar: Tony Chin & Bingy Bunny
Organ: Ansel Collins; Piano: Gladstone "Gladdy" Anderson
Trombone: Vin "Don D Jr" Gordon; Trumpet: Bobby "Willow" Ellis; Sax: "Deadly Headley" Bennett
Percussion: Noel "Skully" Simms & Sky Juice.
1.BosrahRas (Prince) AllaHeaven Is My Roof"Joe Frazer"
2.RockersTappa Zukie???"Pick Up The Rockers"
3.MPLATappa Zukie???"Freedom Blues"
4.Rasta ManJunior Ross???
5.Hold Them ProphesyJunior RossBabylon Fall
6.Babylon FallJunior Ross???
7.Black PrincessLinval Thompson???
8.Cool Down Your TemperLinval Thompson???
9.You Can't RunJunior RossBabylon Fall
10.Judgement TimeJunior Ross And The Spears???"Declaration Of Rights"
11.Give Me A LoveSlim Smith???
12.No Weak HeartRonnie Davis???"Please Be True"
13.So Jah Jah SayJunior Ross???
14.Send Me Over ThereJunior Ross???

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