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Israel Vibration, Jacob Miller, Heptones

Israel Vibration: "Israel Dub" (1978-80)

Mixed byErrol Brown
Paul Davidson
atTuff Gong (1-10)
Pluto Shervington
Rhythms played by(see below)atChannel One & Concert Studios (1-10)
Tuff Gong (11-18)
Produced byTommy Cowanreleased onGreensleeves
Tracks 1-10:
Drums: Calvin McKenzie & Sly Dunbar & Max Edwards
Bass: Robbie Shakespear & Phillip Fullwood & Mikey Starr; Guitar: Mikey Chung
Organ: Mikey Chung & Angel Collins & Youth Bubbler; Piano: Mikey Chung & Augustus Pablo & Robert Lyn
Sax: Dean Fraser; Trombone: Nambo Robinson
Percussion: Sky Juice & Sydney Wolfe.

Tracks 11-18:
Drums: Carlton Barrett & Cornell Marshall; Bass: Aston Barrett
Guitar: Sweeney Williams & Michael Chung & Eric Frater & Michael "Ras" Starr
Piano: Augustus Pablo; Keyboards: Tyrone Downie & Earl "Wya" Lindo & Franklin Waul & Youth Bubbler
Sax: Dean Fraser; Trombone: Nambo Robinson; Trumpet: Junior Chin
Percussion: Alvin Haughton.

Accompanying Vocal SetsIsrael Vibration: The Same Song (1-10)
Israel Vibration: Unconquered People (11-18)

Attention: There are no Dubs of "We A De Rasta" and "Dwellers Of Darkness"
(both from "Unconquered Peolpe") !

Israel Vibration: "Dub Vibration" (????)

Mixed byDoctor Dread & Jim FoxatLion + Fox
Rhythms played byRoots RadicsatLion + Fox & Music Works
Produced byDoctor Dread & Israel Vibrationreleased onRAS
Drums: Style Scott; Bass: Flabba Holt
Lead Guitar: Dwight Pickney; Rhythm Guitar: Bingy Bunny
Piano: Earl Fitzsimmons; Synthesizer Overdubs: Mallory Williams; Organ Overdubs & Melodica: Augustus Pablo
Horns: Brass Tax (Strenght...) & Ras Brass (Praises)
Sax: Dean Fraser; Trumpet: David Madden; Trombone: Nambo
Drumming: Brother Jack & Tena; Percussion: Sticky.
Accompanying Vocal SetsIsrael Vibration: Strenght Of My Life
Israel Vibration: Praises

Attention: There are no Dubs of "" (Strenght Of My Life)
and "" (Praises).

Fat Man Riddim Section: "Bald Head Justice" (????)

Mixed byErrol ThompsonatE.T. Studio
Rhythms played by(see below)atHarry J
Produced byFatmanreleased onTop Ranking
Musicians include: Cauvin McKenzie, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespear, Ian Lewis, Bernard Harvey
Accompanying Vocal SetJacob Miller: Wanted, see Fatman Riddim Section

Page One & the Observers: "Observation of Life Dub" (1976)

Mixed by???at???
Rhythms played by???at???
Produced byWinston "Niney" Holnessreleased onCarib Gems, CD: Burning Sounds
Accompanying Vocal SetHeptones: "Better Days"

1. Jah/ God Bless The Children
2. Key To Her Heart
3. Ready Baby
4. Everyday Life
5. Mr. Do-Over-Man Song
6. Suspicious Minds
7. Crystal Blue Persuasion
8. Land Of Love
9. No Bread On My Table (Aka Oh Jah)
10. Better Days

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