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King Tubby 5

King Tubby: "Dub From The Roots" (1974)

Mixed byKing Tubbyat???
Rhythms played byAggrovatorsat???
Produced byBunny Leereleased onStriker Lee (CD: Culture Press)
Drums: Carlton "Santa" Davis & Carlton Barrett & "Benbow"; Bass: Robbie Shakespear & George "Fully" Fulwood
Lead Guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith; Rhythm Guitar: Tony Chin & Aston Barrett & "Bagga" (Walker) & Morris
Organ: Ossie "Nogo" Hibbert & Ian Winter & Augustus Pablo; Piano: Bernard "Touter" Harvey & Augustus Pablo
Horns: ?

Tracks 2-11, 13 & 14 = Dance Hall Style Dub (Clocktower/Abraham)

1.Rainy NightJohn Holt????
2.Fire And Brimstone A Go Burn The WickedJohnny ClarkeDreader Dread (comp.)
3.?????????"I'm Just A Guy"
4.The Poor BarberDirty Harry???"Ali Baba"
The Barber Feel ItJah Stich & Dr. AlimentadoIf Deejay Was Your Trade (comp.)different mix on "Dub Gone 2 Crazy"
5.African PeopleJohnny ClarkeDreader Dread (comp.)different mix on "Dub Gone 2 Crazy"
8.Guiding StarHorace AndySings For You & I"Guiding Star"
different mix on "Dub Like Dirt"
9.Love Of A WomanHorace AndySings For You & Idifferent mix on "Creation Dub"
10.Something On My MindHorace Andy???different mix on "Rocker's Almighty Dub"
11.StealingJohnny Clarke??????"Stealing"
see "Dub Like Dirt"
12.?????????"Put It On" (Wailers)
13.Declaration Of RightsJohnny ClarkeRockers Time Now"Declaration Of Rights"
different mix on "Dub Gone 2 Crazy"
14.?????????"Please Be True"

King Tubby: "Dangerous Dub" (1981)

Mixed byKing Tubby & Jah ScrewatKing Tubby's
Rhythms played byRoots RadicsatChannel One
Produced byJah Screw & Ranking Joereleased onGreensleeves
3 "exclusive previously unreleased bonus tracks".
Drums: Style Scott; Bass: Erroll "Flabba" Holt
Piano: Gladstone Anderson; Keyboards: Wycliffe "Steely" Johnson
Lead Guitar: Sowell; Rhythm Guitar: Eric "Bingy Bunny" Lamont
Percussion: Barnabus & Scully
7.Brothers UniteDennis Brown???"Shank-I-Sheck
11.?????????"Never Let Go"
13.?????????"Cuss Cuss"

???: "King Tubby At the Controls: 10th Year Anniversary Special" (????)

Mixed byKing TubbyatKing Tubby's
Rhythms played by(various)at???
Produced by(various)released onTrojan
Musicians include Aggrovators, Observers, Soul Syndicate.
1.The InvasionJackie Edwards???King Tubby's Special track 10
3.Them Never Love Poor MarcusJohnny ClarkeRockers Time Now
Don't Trouble Trouble
Johnny In The Echo Chamber track 10
4.?????????Dubbing With The Observer track 5
5.Dreadlocks Can't Live In a Babylon WallJohnny Clarke???
6.The Poor BarberDirty Harry???"Ali Baba"
Dub Gone 2 Crazy track 3
The Barber Feel ItJah Stich & Dr. AlimentadoIf Deejay Was Your Trade (comp.)different mix on "Dub From The Roots"
7.That's LifeRonnie Davis (?)???
8.???Earl "Chinna" Smith???
9.SkylarkingHorace Andy???King Tubby's Special track 14
10.No More Will I RoamDennis Brown???Dubbing With The Observer track 7
11.Bongo ManTommy McCook???"Liquidator"
Cookin' track 5
12.Not ResponsibleCarlton Patterson & Leroy Smith???"Psalms Of Drums"
13.I Don't Want To Be No Rude BoyJohnny Clarke???
14.Hold OnJohnny Clarke???
15.Roots NattyJohnny Clarke???
16.Pablo's Majestic MoodAugustus Pablo???"Queen Of The Minstrel"
King Tubby's Special track 9
17.Serious ThingHorace Andy???King Tubby's Special track 15
18.Wash WashCarlton Patterson???
19.Shank I ShekRanking Joe???
20.???Cornell Campbell???
21.Enter Into His Gates With PraiseJohnny Clarke???
22.Don't Trouble TroubleJohnny ClarkeDon't Trouble TroubleJohnny In The Echo Chamber track 13

King Tubby: "King At The Control" (1981)

Mixed by???at???
Rhythms played by???at???
Produced byTad A. Dawkins & Tad A. Dawkins Jr.released onTad's
Track 5/6: different recordings of the same rhythm. One maybe Horace Andy, the other one Lloyd Robinson.
1.?????????("Drum Song")
3.?????????"Never Let Go"
5.?????????"Cuss Cuss"
6.?????????"Cuss Cuss"

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