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King Tubby 4

King Tubby & Soul Syndicate: "Freedom Sounds In Dub" (1976-79)

Mixed byKing TubbyatKing Tubby's
Rhythms played bySoul SyndicateatRandy's & Channel One
Produced byBertram Brownreleased onBlood & Fire
Drums: Carlton "Santa" Davis & Max Asher; Bass: George "Fully" Fullwood
Guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith & Tony Chin
Keyboard: Keith Sterling & Gladstone "Gladdy" Anderson & Richard "Jah McKaya" Johnson
Percussion: Noel "Skully" Simms; Sax: Felix "Deadly Headley" Bennett.
1.Ethiopian KingsRod TaylorEthiopian Kings (comp.)
2.Come EthiopiansPhilip FrazerCome Ethiopians
3.In The Right WayRod TaylorEthiopian Kings (comp.)
4.Lot's WifePrince AllaOnly Love Can Conquer (comp.)
5.Come AwayPrince Alla & Philip Frazer???
6.Righteous WorksBrent Dowe???
7.StonePrince AllaOnly Love Can Conquer (comp.)
8.Bucket BottomPrince AllaOnly Love Can Conquer (comp.)
9.Children Of GodPhilip FrazerCome Ethiopians
10.Son SonPrince Alla???
11.BlackbirdEarl ZeroOnly Jah Can Ease The Pressure
12.Shackles & ChainsEarl ZeroOnly Jah Can Ease The Pressure
13.The Coming Of JahHerbert Chang???
14.World Of ConfusionSylvan White???
15.Too Much KillingPrince Alla???

Glen Brown & King Tubby: "Termination Dub" (1973-79)

Mixed byKing TubbyatKing Tubby's
Rhythms played by(see below)atFederal & Dynamics & Treasure Isle
& Randy's & Joe Gibbs & Harry J's.
Produced byGlen Brownreleased onBlood & Fire
Drums: Carlton Barrett & Carlton "Santa" Davis & Mikey "Boo" Richards & Winston Grennan & Eric "Fish" Clarke
Bass: Aston "Familyman" Barrett & Lloyd Parkes & Val Douglas & Jackie Jackson & Karl Pitterson & Robbie Shakespear
Guitars: Eric "Ricco Bacca" Frater & Ranchie McLean & Winston "Bo Pee" Bowen & Hux Brown & Alva "Reggie" Lewis & Peter Tosh & Al Anderson & Willie Lindo & Patrick Anthony & Michael Chung & Jeffrey Chung & Glen Brown
Organ & Piano: Gladstone Anderson & Ansel Collins & Earl "Wire" Lindo & B.B. Seaton & Joe White & Winston Wright & Glen Brown
Trumpet: Bobby Ellis & Sparrow Martin; Trombone: Ron Wilson & Vin Gordon
Tenor Sax: Tommy McCook & Lennox Brown & Richard "Dirty Harry" Hall; Flute: Tommy McCook
Percussion: Bongo Herman & Eric "Bingy Bunny" Lamont & Noel "Skully" Simms & Glen Brown & Sky Juice.
1.Determination SkankBobby Ellis, Don Drummond Jr. & Glen BrownCheck The Winner"Dirty Harry"
(Dirty HarryTommy McCook & Richard HallCheck The Winner)
(The WinnerGlen BrownCheck The Winner)
(Sunshine ShowdownGlen BrownCheck The Winner)
2.Save Our NationGlen Brown & Glenroy RichardsBoat To Progresssame rhythm as tr. 3
3.Lamb's BreadWelton IrieGhettoman Corner"Lamb's Bread"
4.Away With The BadGlen BrownBoat To Progress
5.Wicked TumblingWelton IrieBlack Man Stan Up Pan Foot
6.Eternal DaysSylford WalkerLambsbreadsame rhythm as tr. 4
7.Wicked Can't Run AwayGlenroy Richards???"Wicked Can't Run"
8.Cleanliness Is GodlinessSylford WalkerLamb's Bread
9.?????????same rhythm as tr. 8
10.Never To Young To LearnRoman StewartBoat To Progress
14.YouthmanWayne Jarret???"Wicked Can't Run"

King Tubby Meets The Skatalites: "Reggae Heroes In Dub" (1975)

Mixed byKing TubbyatKing Tubby's
Rhythms played bySkatalitesatAquarius & Joe Gibbs' & Studio One
Produced byGlen Darby & Lloyd Brevettreleased onMotion Records
Drums: Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace & Benbow & Lloyd Knibbs; Accoustic Bass: Lloyd Brevett
Guitar: Ernest Ranglin; Keyboards: Jackie Mittoo & Augustus Pablo
Alto Sax: Roland Alphonso; Tenor Sax: Tommy McCook & Lester Sterling
Flute: Tommy McCook; Trombone: Don D. Junior (Vincent Gordon ???)
Percussion and Congas: Ras Michael & Lloyd Brevett; Vocals: Tony & Ruth Brevett.
1.(Dub of track 7)  
2.Seven SealSkatalitesAfrican Roots
3.African RootsSkatalitesAfrican Roots
4.FugitiveSkatalitesAfrican Roots
5.Stream In The MeadowSkatalitesAfrican Roots
6.Rock BottomSkatalitesAfrican Roots
8.African RootsSkatalitesAfrican Roots
9.Candle LightSkatalitesAfrican Roots

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