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Scientist on Kingdom

Scientist: "In The Kingdom Of Dub" (1981)

Mixed byScientistat???
Rhythms played by(see below)atChannel One
Produced byRoy Cousinsreleased onKingdom
Drums: Sly Dunbar & Santa; Bass: Robbie Shakespeare & Flabba
Guitars: Ranchie Mc Lean & Noel Sewell; Piano: Pablo Black; Organ: Ansel Collins; Percussion: Skully
3.Jah Jah Give Us LoveCornell CampbellDouble Top
4.PayakaWinston JarrettWise Man
6.Wise ManWinston JarrettWise Man
8.Rocking VibrationWinston JarrettWise Man
9.I Shan GaloreWinston JarrettWise Man
11.Tired Of The SystemWinston JarrettWise Man

Scientist: "The People's Choice" (1983)

Mixed byScientistatKing Tubby's
Rhythms played by???at???
Produced byRoy Cousinsreleased onKingdom
Drums: Style Rotterdam; Bass: Flabba Holt
Lead Guitar: Dwight Pickney; Guitar: Bingy Bunny
Piano: Gladstone Anderson; Organ: Steely

The first Dub LP from King Tubby's new 16 track studio (according to the sleeve).

Track 5 is the same as Scientist "Repatriation Dub" track 5.
Track 6 is the same as Scientist "Repatriation Dub" track 6.
Track 8 is the same as Scientist "Repatriation Dub" track 10.
Track 9: different mix on Scientist "Repatriation Dub".

1.Oh Happy DayJunior ReidDouble Top
One Of A KindCharlie ChaplinChaplin Chant
SurvivalPrince Far IUmkhonto.We.Sizwe
2.Sleeping In The ParkWinston JarrettWise Man
Ain't Too Proud To BegDon CarlosPlantation
Electric SkankCharlie ChaplinChaplin Chant
4.Skanky ProducerCharlie Chaplin, Don Carlos, Junior ReidDouble Top
Jerry DogheadPrince Far IUmkhonto.We.Sizwe
5.Mother In LawCharlie ChaplinRed Pond
6.The Way I'm Feeling NowPeter & Paul???
Naw Leave Me ChalwaCharlie ChaplinRed Pond
8.Promise To Be TrueDon CarlosPlantation
Ghetto Living
Get Out Of HandNeville Mitchell???
9.Hey GirlEarl 16Special Request
10.One Love To GiveDerrick Pitter???

Scientist V. The Professor: "Dub Duel at King Tubby's" (1983)

Mixed byScientist (1-5) & Professor (6-10)atKing Tubby's
Rhythms played by(see below)atChannel One
Produced byRoy Cousinsreleased onKingdom
Drums : Sly Dunbar & Sty Rotterdam; Bass : "Flabba" Holt & Lloyd Parkes & Robbie Shakespeare
Guitar : Dwight Pickney & "Bingi Bunny" & Earl "Chinna" Smith
Keyboards : "Steely" & Robbie Lyn & Gladstone Anderson
Horns : Tommy McCook, "Deadly Headley", Bobby Ellis
Percussion : "Sticky" & "Skully"

Track 3 is the same as Force Of Music: "Liberated Dub" track 10.
Track 7 is the same as King Tubby: "First Prophet Of Dub" track 12.
Tracks 1 & 5 see also Scientist: "International Heroes Dub".
Track 8 is an organ instrumental, not a dub.

1.Unity Is StrenghtDon Carlos & Charlie Chaplin???
In DangerKen Bob???
2.Painted FaceGlen Lewis???
4.King Pharaoh ArmyDerrick Pitter???
5.Make BelieveRoyalsTen Years After
6.Good PeopleEarl Sixteen???
7.Free Speech & MovementRoyalsTen Years After
InformerCornel CampbellDouble Top
8.Pick Up The PiecesRoyalsPick Up The Pieces
9.All That I Can SeeEarl 16Special Request"Frozen Soul"

Scientist: "High Priest Of Dub" (1982)

Mixed byScientistatChannel One & King Tubby's
Rhythms played by(see below)atChannel One
Produced byRoy Cousinsreleased onKingdom
Drums: Sly Dunbar & Sty Rotterdam; Bass: Robbie Shakespeare & "Flabba" Holt
Guitar: "Ranchie" & Ernest Ranglin
Organ: Ansel Collins & "Steely"; Piano: Robbie Lyn & "Gladdy"
Horns: Bobby Ellis, Tommy McCook, "Deadly Headly"

Track 1: different mix on King Tubbys: "First Prophet Of Dub".
Track 6: different mix on Force Of Music: "Liberated Dub".
Track 6: different mix of "Love And Understanding" on Roots Radics: "King Tubby's Rockers".

1.May Be For LongGaylads???
2.Familiar MusicRoyals10 Years After
3.Facts Of LifeRoyalsPick Up The Pieces
4.No One KnowsRoyals10 Years After
5.Swing LowRoyalsMoving On
6.(Give Me) A Love That's TrueCornell CampbellDouble Top
Love And UnderstandingGaylads???
7.It's RealRoyals10 Years After
9.MalnutritionRoyals10 Years After

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