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Revolutionaries 4

Revolutionaries: "Macca Rootsman Dub" (1977-80)

Mixed by???atChannel One
Rhythms played byG.G. Allstars (Revolutionaries)atChannel One
Produced byAlvin Ranglinreleased onJamaican Gold
Licensed from G.G. Records.
Compilation of b-sides and previously unreleased tracks.

Drums: Sly Dunbar & Mikey "Boo" Richards & stanley "Barnabas" Bryan & Carlton "Santa" Davis
Bass: Robbie Shakespear & Errol "Flabba" Holt & Bertram "Ranchie" McLean
Guitar: Rad "Dougie" Bryan & Winston "Bo Pee" Bower & Mikey Chung
Organ: Ansel Collins & Errol "Tarzan" Nelson & Winston Wright
Piano: Gladstone Anderson & Theophilius "Snappin'" Beckford
Percussion: Uzziah "Sticky" Thompson & Christopher "Sky Juice" Burtt & Noel "Skully" Simms
Horns: Bobby Ellis, Tommy McCook, Herman Marquis, Dean Fraser
Headley "Deadley" Bennett, Vincent "Trommie" Gordon.

2.Willow TreeGregory IsaacsBest Of Vol. 1 & 2
Original by Alton Ellis
3.Look Before You LeapGregory IsaacsBest Of Vol. 1 & 2
4.Breaking UpGregory IsaacsBest Of Vol. 1 & 2Original by Alton Ellis
5.Special GuestGregory IsaacsBest Of Vol. 1 & 2
6.Sweet SensationMelodians???Rework
7.My Number OneGregory IsaacsBest Of Vol. 1 & 2
8.In A GrooveHeptones???"Get In The Groove"
9.Happiness ComeGregory IsaacsLove Is Overdue
10.TeardropsGregory IsaacsBest Of Vol. 1 & 2
11.BorderGregory IsaacsBest Of Vol. 1 & 2
12.Blow WindFreddy McKay???
13.Barnabas CollinsLone Ranger???"Scandall"
14.PhilistinesGregory IsaacsMy Number One
16.Down Here In Babylon???Brent Dowe??????"Elizabethan Reggae"

Revolutionaries: "Roots Man Dub" (????)

Mixed by???at???
Rhythms played by???at???
Produced by???released onGG
Track 1 reminds me of "On The Right Track" by Phyllis Dillon.
Track 4/6: different recordings of the same rhythm. Track 6 is the dub of an organ instrumental (Winston Wright???)
(x1) = available on: Junior Byles & Friends: "129 Beat Street Ja-Man Special 1975-1978" (Blood And Fire).
2.Barnabas CollinsLone Ranger???"Scandall"
4.?????????"Never Let Go"
5.See A Man's FaceNeville Tate???(x1)
6.?????????"Never Let Go"
7.?????????"Guiding Star"
9.?????????"Get In The Groove"?
10.Mighty RulerBim Sherman???(x1)

Revolutionaries: "Dub out her Blouse & Skirt Vol. 1" (1979)

Mixed byE.T. (Errol Thompson?) & Errol Brownat???
Rhythms played byRevolutionariesatChannel One & Joe Gibbs
Produced byDonovan Germainreleased onGermain, CD: BOND
2.Blackie BlackieCultural RootsRevolutionary Sounds"Pick up the pieces"
3.Tribal AvenueCultural RootsRevolutionary Sounds
4.Danger LightCultural RootsRevolutionary Sounds
5.???Cultural Roots???
6.Don't break your promiseTamlins???
SandySugar Minott???
Crucial HornsDean FraserTouch Of Dean
7.Ready to learnTamlins & Dean Fraser???
8.WordsDobby Dobson???
9.Love PartyGeorge Nooks???

Revolutionaries: "Dub off her Blouse & Skirt Vol. 3 (1981)

Mixed byScientistat???
Rhythms played byRevolutionariesatChannel One & Joe Gibbs
Produced byDonovan Germainreleased onCD: BOND
2.Angel Of The MorningAudrey Hall???
3.Heads of GovernmentMighty DiamondsHeads Of Government
4.?????????"Shank I Shek "
5.Juvenile ChildMighty DiamondsHeads Of Government"Shank I Shek "
6.Drift Away From EvilCultural RootsDrift Away From Evil
7.Girl You're My KindCultural RootsDrift Away From Evil
8.Devil-ItesCultural RootsDrift Away From Evil
9.Bus Dem Shut 81' StyleCultural Roots???
10.Walking In The Footsteps Of A FoolDobby Dobson???

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