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Revolutionaries 3

Revolutionaries: "Reaction In Dub" (1978)

Mixed byErnest Hoo KimatChannel One
Rhythms played byRevolutionariesatChannel One
Produced byJo Jo Hoo Kimreleased onCha Cha
Drums: Sly Dunbar; Bass: Ranchie, Robbie Shakespeare
Lead Guitars: Rad Bryan; Rhythm Guitars: Robbie Shakespeare
Keyboards: Ansel Collins; Piano: Tarzan Nelson
Trumpet: Bobby Ellis; Alto Sax: Herman Marquis; Tenor Sax: Tommy Mc Cook
Percussions: Scully Sims
Additional Musicians : "Dirty Harry", "Sticky", Robbie Lyn, Lloyd Parkes
1.WarWailing Souls???
2.I Know MyselfErnest Wilson???
A Who SaySly DunbarSimple Sly Man
3.JahovahLeroy Smart???
4.?????????"Moving Away"?
5.How Could I LeaveHeptones???
Mr. BassieSly DunbarSimple Sly Man"Mr. Bassie"

The Revolutionaries At Channel 1: "Dub Plate Specials" (1975-1978)

Mixed by???at???
Rhythms played byRevolutionariesatChannel One
Produced byBunny Leereleased onJamaican Recordings
Drums: Sly Dunbar; Bass: Robbie Shakespeare
Guitar: Radcliffe "Dougie" Bryan; Keyboards: Errol "Tarzan" Nelson & Earl "Wire" Lindo; Organ: Ansel Collins
Horns: Tommie Mac Cook, "Deadly Headly" Bennett, Vin Gordon
Percussion: "Skully" & "Sticky"
1.Two Bad BullB. Simpson???
2.Give Up The BadnessJohnny Clarke???
4.Love Me ForeverJohnny Clarke???
5.BangerangJohn Holt???
7.?????????"Turn Back The Age Of Time"?
8.???Johnny Clarke???
9.???John Holt???

Revolutionaries: "Outlaw Dub" (1979)

Mixed by???atKing Tubby's and/or Channel One
Rhythms played byRevolutionariesatChannel One
Produced byLinval Thompsonreleased onTrojan
Included in 4CD-Set "Evolution Of Dub Vol. 3"
1.I Never Run I Never HideLinval Thompson???
2.Danger In Your EyesLinval ThompsonFollow My Heart
4.Send Love Oh JahAl CampbellDiamonds
5.Mr. Wicked ManAl CampbellDiamonds
6.DiamondsAl CampbellDiamonds
Never Push Your BrotherLinval Thompson???
7.Must Eat BreadMystic EyesMysterious
8.Judgement TimeMystic EyesMysterious
9.Holy Mount ZionDawn & Christine???same rhythm as 6.
10.If I Follow My HeartLinval ThompsonFollow My Heart

Revolutionaries: "Dutchman Dub" (????)

Mixed by???at???
Rhythms played by???at???
Produced by???released onBurning Vibrations
Track 7: not from album "Rasta Time".
5.Soul Sister???????
7.Hit Me With MusicAl Campbell???

Revolutionaries: "Burning Dub" (1979)

Mixed by???atChannel One
Rhythms played byRevolutionariesatChannel One
Produced byJunior Englishreleased onBurning Vibrations, CD: Burning Sounds
4. 10th track on the Naturally High LP that is credited on sleeve but not on the actual album.

Drums: Sly Dunbar; Bass: Robbie Shakespeare
Lead Guitar: Radcliffe "Duggy" Bryan; Rhythm Guitar: "Ranchie" McLean
Organ: Ansel Collins; Piano: Gladstone Anderson
Percussion: "Skully"; Horns: Tommy McCook & "Don D. Junior"

1.Gimme That ThingJunior EnglishNaturally High
2.Natural HighJunior EnglishNaturally High
3.True Born LoverJunior EnglishNaturally High
4.Mamma Don't Lie?Junior EnglishNaturally High
5.Heading For the Wrong DirectionJunior EnglishNaturally High
6.High SocietyJunior EnglishNaturally High
7.Mamma SayJunior EnglishNaturally High
8.HeartbreakerJunior EnglishNaturally High
9.Only Make BelievingJunior EnglishNaturally High
10.MoneyJunior EnglishNaturally High

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