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Lee Perry

Lee Perry: "Blackboard Jungle Dub" (1973)

Mixed byKing Tubby & Lee PerryatKing Tubby's
Rhythms played by(see below)atRandy's? (& Black Ark?)
Produced byLee Perryreleased onClocktower (CD: RAS)
Drums: Carlton Barrett; Bass: Aston Barrett
Guitar: Reggie; Keyboards: Winston Wright & Glen Adams
Percussion: Lee Perry & Skully.

CD "Scratch Attack" (RAS) contains "Scratch And Company" and "Blackboard Jungle Dub"!

1.Bucky SkankLee PerryThe Upsetter Collection
Yucky SkankUpsetters???
2.Hot TipPrince Django???"Words"
Words Of My MouthThe Gatherers???
WordsAnthony "Sangie" Davis & Lee PerryOpen The Gate (compilation)
Little Flute ChantLee Perry & Brad OsbourneScratch And CompanyFlute
LionLee PerryBlack Ark In DubHorns
Meditation DubAugustus PabloAuthentic Golden MelodiesMelodica
Kuchy SkankLee Perry & Augustus PabloRhythm ShowerDub of Melodica version
3.Dub OrganizerDillinger???
Stratch The Dub OrganizerLee PerryScratch And Companyinstrumental
Cloak 'n' DaggerLee PerryCloak 'n' Dagger
4.A Place Called AfricaJunior BylesBeat Down Babylon
Place Called Africa Vers. 3Winston PrinceLee Perry: Africa's BloodDoctor Alimantado
Africa StandDennis Alcapone???
DreamlandUpsetters & Bunny LivingstonLee Perry: Africa's BloodMr. Wailer trying to find the right key on the organ...
Rhythm Land (Moody Blue)U Roy???
Vision LandIstan???
7.FeverJunior BylesVersion Like Rain (VA compilation)"Fever"
Hot & Cold Version 1Augustus Pablo & UpsettersVersion Like Rain??? Melodica & Horns
This WorldMilton Henry As King MediousVersion Like Rain?
FeverSusan CadoganVersion Like Rain?
Influenza VersionUpsettersVersion Like Rain?
Drum RockLee PerryExcaliburman
Hot PipesLee PerryExcaliburman
Lick The Pipe Peter Pt.4Jah T???
Midious SernadeUpsetters???
Hay FeverJah LionColombia Colly
Famine TimeDevon Russell???
8.KayaWailersSoul Revolution
How Yo' Been DoingEarl SixteenPhoenix Of Peace
9.Keep On MovingWailers???
Rasta DubDennis Alcapone???
Rasta VersionUpsetters???
Moving VersionBig YouthWith A Flick Of My Musical Wrist
10.?????????Trombone version of track 1
11.Caveman SkankLee Scratch Perry And The UpsettersCloak And Dagger
12.Jungle FeverLee PerryExcaliburman
Water PumpLee Perry & The UpsettersAll The Hits aka News Flash

Lee Perry: "Upsetter In Dub"

Mixed byLee Perryat???
Rhythms played byUpsettersatBlack Ark & Randy's
Produced by???released onHeartbeat
Compiled by Chris Wilson.

Devon Irons - "Vampire", Junior Murvin - "Roots Train",Junior Murvin - "Tedious", Junior Murvin - "Police and Thieves" and Max Romeo - "War Ina Babylon" can all be found on the Lee Perry compilation "Arkology".

1.Ark Of The CovenantCongosHeart Of The Congos
2.VampireDevon Irons???
3.Roots TrainJunior Murvin???
5.Sons Of SlavesJunior Delgado???
6.Lorna BananaJunior Byles???
7.Down Here In BabylonBrent Dowe???
8.Who You Gonna Run ToJohnny Lover & The Tower ChantersScratch And Company
When Jah ComeDevon Irons???
9.TediousJunior Murvin???
10.Rejoice Jah Jah ChildrenThe Silvertones???
11.Police & ThievesJunior Murvin???
12.Solid FoundationCongosHeart Of The Congos
13.Come Da DaJunior BylesCurly Locks (compilation)
14.When Will Better ComeJunior BylesCurly Locks (compilation)
15.TimeGladiatorsBongo Red
Fret Not YourselfGladiators or Albert Griffiths???
16.Fun & GamesJunior BylesCurly Locks (compilation)
17.War ina BabylonMax Romeo???
18.Bionic RatsLee PerrySoundzs From The Hot Line (comp.)

Lee Perry & The Upsetters:"Revolution Dub" (????)

Mixed byLee Perryat???
Rhythms played byUpsettersat???
Produced byLee Perryreleased onCreole
1.Tan And SeeMax RomeoWar Inna Babylon
2.Woman's Gotta Have ItJimmy Riley???
3.Move OutBunny Clarke???
4.The Long WayJunior Byles???
5.Bush Weed Corn TrashRicky & Bunny???
9.I've Never Had It So GoodBunny Scott???

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