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Augustus Pablo: More Instrumentals

Augustus Pablo And Friends: "The Red Sea" (????)

Mixed by???at???
Rhythms played by(see below)atAquarius & Randy's
Produced byHerman Chin-Loyreleased onAquarius (CD: Black Solidarity)
Musicians include:
Drums: Carlton Barrett & Mikey Richards; Bass: Aston Barrett & Val Douglas
Guitars: Alva Lewis & Ranny Williams & Mikey Chung; Melodica: Augustus Pablo
Keyboards: Augustus Pablo & Glen Adams & Lloyd Charmers & Geoffrey Chung
Horns: Tommy McCook, Bobby Ellis, Vin Gordon
Percussion: Uziah "Sticky" Thompson

There are Dub versions of some tracks on Aquarius Dub.
The 12" version of "East Of The River Nile" can be found on the VA compilations "Blow Mr. Hornsman" (Trojan) and "The Roots Of Reggae II" (Music Club).

2.?????????"Why Did You Leave Me To Cry" (Heptones / Studio 1)
3.?????????original version
4.   DJ version of track 3
8.Arise BlackmanAlton Ellis???
9.?????????"King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown"
14.   Horns version of track 1

Augustus Pablo: "King David's Melody" (1984)

Mixed bySylvan Morris (1-10) & Professor (11)atHarry J (1-10) & King Tubby's (11)
Rhythms played by(see below)atHarry J (1-10) & King Tubby's (11)
Produced byAugustus Pabloreleased onMessage (CD: Greensleeves)
Drums: Albert Malawi & Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace & Dave "Benbow" Creary & "Mr. Rhythm Box"
Bass: Robbie Shakespear & Leroy Sibbles & Junior Dan & Frazal Prendergast & Michael Taylor & Bunny Jeffrey
Lead Guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith; Rhythm Guitar: Clive Jeffrey & Frazal Prendergast
Melodica, Piano, Xylophone, String Synthethizer, Organ: Augustus Pablo
Percussion: Teo Benjamin

Singles from 1975-1982

1.Haile Selassie IRas LeviCultural Showcase
Away With Your Fussing & FightingJunior DelgadoPresents Rockers International 2
Selassie I VerandaJah Levi (Hugh Mundell)Presents Rockers International 2
Solomon DubPablo All StarsPresents Rockers International 2
2.Riding On A High And Windy Day??????
Blackman's HeartJunior DelgadoClassic Rockers
3.(= Pablo Meets Mr. Bassie - Original Rockers Vol. 2 track 5)
5.Changing WorldEarl SixteenPresents Rockers International 2
Classic Rockers
6.?????????Rework of "Lovers Mood" (This is ...)
7.Augustus PabloAfrica Dub

Augustus Pablo: "Blowing With The Wind" (1990)

Mixed bySoldgie & Sylvian Morris & Tony TrinnyatMusic Works & Tuff Gong
Rhythms played by(see below)atTuff Gong & Dynamics
Produced byAugustus Pabloreleased onCD: Shanachie
Drums: Squiddly Cole & Leroy Wallace & Benbow Creary & Santa Davis
Bass: Augustus Pablo & Danny Thompson & Chris Meredith & Ranchie McLean
Lead Guitar: "Chinna" Smith; Rhythm Guitar: Leroy Pennicott & "Chinna" Smith
Keyboards & Synthesizers: Augustus Pablo; Trumpet: Johnny "Dizzy" Moore
Percussion: Yami Bolo & White Mice & Ruffy Newton

Augustus Pablo: "Thriller Episode 2"

Mixed by???at???
Rhythms played by???at???
Produced byEnos McLeod (surely not)released onSprint
14 out of 16 tracks are retitled tracks from "East Of The River Nile" and "Rockers Comes East", some copied from disc. 2 versions of tracks from "East Of The River Nile": probably they took the b-side by accident.
1.Natural WayAugustus PabloEast Of The River Nileretitled !
2.Africa (1983)Augustus PabloEast Of The River Nileretitled !
3.Sun Ray DubAugustus PabloRockers Comes Eastretitled !
4.Progression DubAugustus PabloRockers Comes Eastretitled !
5.Memories Of The GhettoAugustus PabloEast Of The River Nileretitled !
6.Chant To King Selassie IAugustus PabloEast Of The River Nileretitled !
7.Revelino DubAugustus PabloRockers Comes Eastretitled !
8.Rockers Comes EastAugustus PabloRockers Comes Eastretitled !
9.Natural DubAugustus PabloEast Of The River Nileretitled !
10.Upfull LivingAugustus PabloEast Of The River Nileretitled !
11.East Of The River NileAugustus PabloEast Of The River Nileversion
12.Sounds From LeviAugustus PabloEast Of The River Nileretitled !
13.Zion SealsAugustus PabloRockers Comes Eastretitled !
14.Jah LightAugustus PabloEast Of The River Nileretitled !
15.Sounds From LeviAugustus PabloEast Of The River Nileversion
16.Addis-A-BabaAugustus PabloEast Of The River Nileretitled !

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