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Augustus Pablo Dubwise 1

Augustus Pablo: "King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown" (????)

Mixed byKing Tubby (& Errol Thompson?)atKing Tubby's
Rhythms played by(see below)at???
Produced byHorace Swabyreleased onMessage (CD: Shanachie)
Drums: Carlton Barret; Bass: Robby Shakespear & Aston "Family Man" Barret & Leroy (Sibbles?)
Guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith; Organ, Piano & Clavinet: Augustus Pablo
Tenor Sax: Richard "Dirty Harry" Hall; Trumpet: Bobby Ellis; Trombone: Vincent "Don D Junior" Gordon.
1.Keep On KnockingJacob MillerWho Say Jah No Dread"Black Gun"
2.Stop Them JahHugh MundellBlackman's Foundation
Who Say Jah No DreadJacob MillerWho Say Jah No Dread
Jah DreadAugustus PabloOriginal Rockers
3.Young GenerationBongo Pat???
New StyleAugustus PabloOriginal Rockers
4.Each One Teach OneJacob MillerWho Say Jah No Dread
Zion A Fe LionHugh MundellRockers International 2 (compilation)
5.555 Crown StreetAugustus PabloPablo Meets Mr. Bassie
False RastaJacob MillerWho Say Jah No Dread
6.Brace A BoyAugustus PabloOriginal Rockers
AP SpecialAugustus PabloOriginal Rockers
Brace BoyDillenger???
7.Baby I Love You SoJacob MillerWho Say Jah No Dread
Cassava PieceAugustus PabloOriginal Rockers
Black ForcesNorris ReidGive Jah The Praises
8.One Jah One Aim One DestinyHugh MundellBlackman's Foundation
El RockersJah InyRockers International 1 (compilation)
El RockersAugustus PabloRockers International 1 (compilation)three more versions
Rockers RockAugustus PabloPablo Meets Mr. Bassie
9.Say SoPaul Whiteman / Blackman (?)Classic Rockers 2 (compilation)
10.Skanking EasyAugustus Pablo???
11.Rockers DubAugustus PabloOriginal Rockers"Frozen Soul"
Love Won't Come EasyHeptones???
Love Won't Come EasyLeroy SibblesClassic Rockers
Take It EasyDillengerRockers Story (compilation)
12.Pablo SattaAugustus PabloPablo Meets Mr. Bassie"Satta Massagana"
SattaHugh Mundell???
Give Jah The PraisesNorris ReidGive Jah The Praises
Prophet LiveLee Perry & Prince JazzboPlanete Reggae Vol. 1 (compilation)

Augustus Pablo: "Rockers Meets King Tubbys In A Fire House" (????)

Mixed byPrince Jammys & King Tubbys & Augustus PabloatKing Tubby's
Rhythms played byRockers All Starsat???
Produced byMichael McGeachy & A. Pablo & H. Swabyreleased on(CD: Shanachie)
Drums: Albert Malawi & Leroy Wallace & Mickey "Boo" Richards
Bass: Junior Dan & Michael Taylor & Bugsy & Robby Shakespear
Lead Guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith & Dalton Brownie; Rhythm Guitar: Fazal Prendegas & Cleon
Horns: Deadly Headly; Percussion: Jah Teo & Sticky & Jah Levi
Organ, Piano, String Asemble, Melodica: Augustus Pablo.

Album contains the Dub of "Foxhole" by Delroy Wilson but I don't know which track.

1.???Sound Sample???
2.Little Short ManHugh MundellTime & Place
3.House Is Not A HomeAugustus PabloAuthentic Golden Melodies"A House Is Not A Home"
4.???Sound Sample???
5.Time Has ComeHugh MundellBlackman's Foundation
Time & Place
6.Zion HillAugustus PabloEarth's Rightful Ruler
7.Humble YourselfAsher & Trimble???
8.Chant To King Selassie IAugustus PabloEast Of The River Nile
9.???Sound Sample???

Rockers All Stars: "Chanting Dub - With The Help Of The Father" (1979)

Mixed byPrince Jammy & ?atKing Tubby's & Harry J
Rhythms played byRockers All Starsat???
Produced byAugustus Pablo & Everton DaSilvareleased onRockers International
1.If I had A HammerRoman Stewart???
6.New BroomHorace Andy???
7.???Prince Mohammad???
8.Youths Of TodayHorace AndyGood Vibes (B&F compilation)
9.Don't Let Problems Get You DownHorace AndyGood Vibesrework
10.CassanovaRoman Stewart???""
Pablo In Hungry TownAugustus Pablo???

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