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Compilations with Augustus Pablo productions

Augustus Pablo: "Pablo & Friends" (RAS)

U Roy: Glory To The Father ("Put It On")
Nora Dean: Scorpion In Her Underpants
Prince Jazzbo: It Dread Inna Earth ("Queen Of The Minstrels")
Derrick Morgan: Rough Rider
Derrick Morgan: Ride Mommy Fanny (The Tennors: "Copy Me Donkey")
John Holt: My Desire
Alton Ellis: Someday
I Roy: Cow Town Skank
Count Prince Miller: Mule Train

Each song is followed by its Dub or instrumental version.

"Augustus Pablo Presents Rockers Story" (RAS)

Augustus Pablo: 555 Crown Street (refer to "Meets Mr. Bassie")
Dillenger: Take It Easy ("Frozen Soul", refer to "Original Rockers")
Ras Bull: Guide I Jah
Rockers Allstars: Zambian Step
Delroy Williams: Think Twice
Tetrack: I'm Not Satisfied
Augustus Pablo: Power Of The Trinity
Immortals: World Without Love
Prince Irey: Freedom Of Speach
Barry Reid: The System
Augustus Pablo: Struggle In Soweto
Tetrack: Pure Worries ("Queen Of The Minstrels")
Hugh Mundell: Africa Must Be Free
4.?????????"Each One Teach One"
7.Time Has ComeHugh MundellBlackman's Foundation

"Augustus Pablo Presents Rockers International" (Greensleeves)

Jah Iny: El Rockers Chapter One (refer to "Meets Mr. Bassie")
Augustus Pablo: El Rockers Chapter Three (Melodica)
Delroy Williams: Three Men In A Truck Back
Jah Bull: Free Jah Children (DJ version of above track)
Augustus Pablo: Cool Melody
Earl Sixteen Daley: The Rastaman
Rockers All Stars: Peaceful Man Dub (Dub of above track)
Norris Reid: Protect Them (from "Give Jah The Praises")
Te Track: Give A Little Bit ("Satta Massagana")
Augustus Pablo: Destiny
extra CD tracks:
Sisters Jam: The People Of This World
Augustus Pablo: El Rockers Chapter Two (Guitar)
Rockers All Stars: El Rockers Chapter Four (Dub of Chapter Three)
5.?????????"Swing Easy"?
7.The RastamanEarl Sixteen Daley???

"Augustus Pablo Presents Rockers International 2" (Greensleeves)

Junior Delgado: Away With Your Fussing & Fighting (vocal cut)
Jah Levi (Hugh Mundell): Selassie I Veranda (DJ cut)
Augustus Pablo: King David's Melody (melodica cut) (from "King David's Melody")
Pablo All Stars: Solomon Dub (dub cut)

Jacob Miller: False Rasta (vocal cut) (refer to "King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown")
Augustus Pablo: 555 Crown Street (melodica cut)
Pablo All Stars: 1 Rutland Close (dub cut)

Norris Reid: Black Force (vocal cut) (refer to "Original Rockers")
Augustus Pablo: Casava Piece (melodica cut)
Rockers All Stars: Straight A Yard (dub cut)

Jacob Miller: Each One Teach One (vocal cut) (refer to "King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown")
Jah Levi (Hugh Mundell): Zion A Fe Lion (DJ cut)
Rockers All Stars: Zimbian Style (dub cut)

bonus CD tracks:
Earl "Sixteen" Daley: Changing World (vocal cut) (also on "Classic Rockers")
Rockers All Stars: Changing World Version (dub cut) (also on "Cultural Showcase")

"Augustus Pablo Presents Cultural Showcase" (Rockers)

Jacob Miller: False Rasta (refer to "King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown")
Hugh Mundell: Stop Them Jah (refer to "King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown")
Spliffy Dan: No Justice Place
Augustus Pablo: Revelation Time
Rockers All Stars: Changing Dub (also on "Augustus Pablo Presents Rockers International 2")
Icho Candy: Babylon
Augustus Pablo: Ital Stew Dub (= "King David's Melody" track 7)
Hugh Mundell: Time Has Come (refer to "Rockers Meets King Tubbys In A Fire House", also on "Classic Rockers")
Ras Levi: Haile Selassie I (refer to "King David's Melody")
Rockers All Stars: Dub City
5.Changing WorldEarl SixteenClassic Rockers
10.Eastern PromiseAugustus PabloClassic Rockers

Augustus Pablo: "Classic Rockers" (Island Jamaica)

Jacob Miller: Baby I Love You So
Augustus Pablo: King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown (remix?)
T. E. Track: Isn't It Time To See (from "Let's Get Started", refer to "Eastman Dub"
Augustus Pablo: Jah In The Hills
The Immortals: Can't Keep A Good Man Down
Paul Blackman: Earth Wind And Fire
Leroy Sibbles: Love Won't Come Easy (refer to "King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown")
Earl Sixteen: Changing World (also (with dub) on "Augustus Pablo Presents Rockers International 2")
Junior Delgado: Blackman's Heart (refer to "King David's Melody")
Hugh Mundell: Jah Says The Time Has Now Come (also on "Cultural Showcase")
Delroy Williams: You Never Know
Rockers All Stars: You Never Know Dub
Delroy Williams: Stop The Fighting
Rockers All Stars: Stop The Fighting Dub
Augustus Pablo: Suki Yaki
Augustus Pablo: Eastern Promise (refer to "Cultural Showcase")

"Augustus Pablo Presents Rockers International Showcase" (Rykodisc)

Yami Bolo & Ruffy & Tuffy: Door Peep (Burning Spear!)
Augustus Pablo: Minstrel (2) (Melodica version of above track)
Blacka "T": Don't Do Me That
Bunnie Brissett: Begging For My Love
Icho Candy: Pray
Jr. Delgado: Money
Enkuli: I Feel
Rockers All Stars: Cello Strut
Augustus Pablo: Ozone Layer
Yami Bolo: Poor Man Cry

digital style

2.Door PeepYami Bolo & Ruffy & Tuffy???

Santic And Friends: "An Even Harder Shade Of Black" (Pressure Sounds)

Horace Andy: Problems
Big Joe: Jah Guide
Augustus Pablo: Lovers Mood

Jah Woosh: Chalice Blaze
King Tubby & Santic All Stars: One Heavy Duba

Gregory Isaacs: I'll Be Around

Augustus Pablo: Harder Shade Of Black
Santic All Stars: Better Shade Of Dub

Horace Andy: Children Of Israel
Augustus Pablo: Pablo In Dub

Roman Stewart: Peace In The Valley
Santic All Stars: Palace Of Peace
I Roy: Yamaha Ride
Augustus Pablo: One Thousand Swords
Jah Woosh: Free Jah Jah Children
Augustus Pablo & Paul Blackman: Blackman In Dub

All tracks produced by Leonard Anthony Chin.

3.ProblemsHorace Andy???
5.Chalice BlazeJah Woosh???
10.Children Of IsraelHorace Andy???
14.I'll Be AroundGregory Isaacs???

Augustus Pablo: "Presents DJs 70s to 80s" (Big Cat)

Take It Easy - Dillenger (DJ version of "Rockers Dub" on "Original Rockers")
El Rocker- Jah T
False Rumor -Jah Levi (aka Hugh Mundell)
Zion A Fe Lion- Jah Levi (DJ version of reworking of Jacob Miller's "Each One Teach One")
Guide I Jah - Jah Bull
Let Jah Be Praise - Jah Levi (DJ version of Hugh Mundell's "Why Do Black Men Fuss and Fight".
Brace A Boy -Dillenger (taken from "Original Rockers")

Songs 1-5 are followed by its Dub or instrumental version.

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