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King Tubby Meets Lee Perry: "Megawatt Dub" (????)

Mixed byKing Tubby & Lee Perry & Philip Smartat(Harry J's or King Tubby's) & Black Ark & HC&F
Rhythms played byUpsetters & Now Generation (NG)atBlack Ark & Harry J's & King Tubby's & HC&F
Produced byWatty Burnettreleased onShanachie
Drums: Sly Dunbar & Mikey "Boo" Richards (NG) & Benbow Crearly
Bass: Boris Gardiner & Val Douglas (NG) & Earl "Chinna" Smith & Mikey Zapow
Lead Guitar: Ernest Ranglin & Mikey Chung & Geoffrey Chung (NG)
Rhythm Guitar: Ernest Ranglin & Mikey Chung (NG) & Geoffrey Chung & Willie Lindo & Billy Johnsonn & Earl "Chinna" Smith
Keyboards: Earl "Wia" Lindo (NG) & Robert Lyn (NG) & Winston Wright & Keith Sterling & Raphael
Horns: Deadley Headley, Lennox Brown (NG), Bobby Ellis, David Madden; Flute: Egbert Evans
Percussion: Lee "Scratch" Perry & Watty Burnett & Scully & Bongo Herman
Backing Vocals: Earl Sixteen, Watty Burnett, Cedric Myton, Roydel Johnson, The Gladiators.

The track featuring Augustus Pablo is obviously track 12 not 11.

2.Right YoEarl Sixteen???
6.Rainy Night In PortlandWatty BurnettOpen The Gate (VA comp.)
7.Open The GateWatty BurnettOpen The Gate (VA comp.)
8.Rise And ShineWatty (Burnett) & Tony (?)???
9.What A WarWatty Burnett???
13.???Dave Barker???

Aggrovators: "Dubbing It Studio One Style" (????)

Mixed by???at???
Rhythms played by(see below)atChannel One & Randy's & Dynamic
Produced byBunny Leereleased onJamaican Recordings
Drums: Carlton Barrett & Carlton "Santa" Davis
Bass: Robbie Shakespeare & Aston Barrett & Lloyd Parks
Guitar: Tony Chin & Earl "Chinna" Smith & Winston "Bo Peep"
Piano: Ansel Collins; Organ: Bernard "Touter" Harvey & Winston Wright
Horns: Tommy McCook, Bobby Ellis, Vin Gordon, Lennox Brown
1.Searching For YouJohnny Clarke???
2.I'm Still In Love With YouJohnny ClarkeI'm Still In Love With You
3.Ain't That Loving You??????
4.?????????"Mean Girl"
5.Let Him Try??????
6.I'm Just A ManRonnie Davis???"I'm Just A Guy"
7.Happy Go Lucky GirlJohnny Clarke???
8.Come To You DarlingRonnie Davis???
9.Raining From The SkiesDelroy Wilson???
10.Trying To Conquer MeDelroy Wilson???
11.Live And LearnAlton Ellis???
12.Undying LoveCornell Campbell???

King Tubby: "King Tubby's Lost Treasures" (????)

Mixed byKing TubbyatKing Tubby's
Rhythms played byAggrovatorsatDynamic & Randy's & Channel One
Produced byBunny Leereleased onJamaican Recordings
Drums: Carlton Barrett & Sly Dunbar & Carlton "Santa" Davis; Bass: Robbie Shakespeare & Aston Barrett
Guitar: Tony Chin & Geoffrey Chung & Earl Smith & Carl Harvey
Keyboards: Keith Sterling & Jackie Mittoo & Winston Wrighty
Horns: Tommy McCook, Bobby Ellis; Percussion: Zoot "Skully" Sims
1.?????????"Cherry Oh Baby"
2.???Jacob Miller???"Mad Mad"
3.My Whole World Is Falling DownCornell Campbell???
4.On the Street AgainCornell Campbell???
5.So Long JennyDelroy Wilson???
6.Every Knee Shall BowRonnie Davis???
7.I Shall Be ReleasedCornell Campbell???
8.Trying YouthmanBarry Brown???
9.Give Thanks And PraiseBarry Brown???
10.Let's Do It BabyCornell Campbell???"Sweet Sensation"
11.Like Nobodies BusinessJohnny Clarke???"Jumpers"?
12.You Have Caught Me BabyJohnny Clarke???

2nd Street Dreads: "Dub Of The 70s" (????)

Mixed by???at???
Rhythms played by???at???
Produced byL. Chin & D. Phillipsreleased onAtra
Track 8 is an instrumental.
(x1) = available on: Santic & Friends: "An Even Harder Shade Of Black" (Pressure Sounds)
1.Children Of IsraelHorace Andy???(x1)
Pablo In DubAugustus Pablo???(x1)
3.Lovers MoodAugustus Pablo???(x1)
4.Yamaha RideI Roy???(x1)
5.Action WoodPrince Williams???
6.I Love The Way You LoveChosen Few???
7.Getting Things TogetherClintones???

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