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Burning Spear

Burning Spear: "Garvey's Ghost" (1976)

Mixed byJack RubyatThe Fallout Shelter
Rhythms played by(see below)atRandy's
Produced byJack Rubyreleased onMango
Drums: Leroy "Horse" Wallace; Bass: Robert "Rabbi" Shakespear & Aston "Family Man" Barrett
Lead Guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith; Rhythm Guitar: Valentine "Tony" Chin
Organ-Piano: Tyrone "Organ 'D'" Downie & Bernard "Touter" Harvey; Clavinet: Bernard "Touter" Harvey
Trombone: Vincent "Trommie" Gordon; Tenor Sax: Richard "Dirty Harry" Hall; Alto Sax: Herman Marquis
Trumpet: Bobby Ellis; Flute: Carlton "Sam" Samuels.
Accompanying Vocal SetBurning Spear: Marcus Garvey (1975)

Both albums on one CD by Mango / Island.

Burning Spear: "Living Dub Vol 1" (1979)

Mixed by???at???
Rhythms played by(see below)atHarry J
Produced byWinston Rodneyreleased onBurning Spear Production / Dee Jay Music Jamaica
Drums: Sly L. Wallace & Angus Gaye; Bass: Robby Shakespear &Aston "Family Man" Barrett & George Oban
Guitars: Earl "Chinna" Smith & Ranchie McLean & Brinsley Forde & D. Kingsley & Donald Griffiths
Keyboards: H. Lindo & L. Harvey & Ibo & Courtney Hemmings
Horns: Bobby Ellis, Herman Marquis, Vin Gordon, Richard "Dirty Harry" Hall, Rico, Dickage
Percussion: Winston Rodney & Stickey.
Accompanying Vocal SetBurning Spear: "Social Living" aka "Marcus' Children" (Mango / Blood and Fire)

Burning Spear: "Living Dub Vol 2" (1980)

Mixed by???at???
Rhythms played by(see below)atTuff Gong
Produced by???released on???
Drums: Nelson Miller; Bass: Aston "Family Man" Barrett
Guitar: Junior Marvin; Keyboards: Tyrone Downie & Earl "Wire" Lindo
Percussion: Winston Rodney & Aston Barrett; Congas: Winston Rodney
Horns: Bobby Ellis, Herman Marquis, Egbert Evans
Accompanying Vocal SetBurning Spear: Hail H.I.M.

Burning Spear: "Living Dub Vol 3" (1997)

Mixed byBarry O'Hare & Michael Sauvageat???
Rhythms played byBurning BandatGrove
Produced byWinston Rodneyreleased onHeartbeat
Accompanying Vocal SetBurning Spear: Rasta Business

Burning Spear: "Living Dub Vol 4" (1998)

Mixed by???at???
Rhythms played byBurning BandatGrove Music
Produced byBurning Musicreleased on???
Accompanying Vocal SetBurning Spear: Appointment With His Majesty

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