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Keith Hudson

Keith Hudson: "Pick A Dub" (1974)

Mixed byKing Tubby & Sylvan MorrisatKing Tubby's & Harry J
Rhythms played by(see below)atHarry J
Produced byKeith Hudson & Aston "Family Man" Barrettreleased onAtra (CD: Blood & Fire)
Musicians include:
Drums: Carlton Barrett; Bass: Aston Barrett
Guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith; Melodica: Augustus Pablo
and the Soul Syndicate.
1.True True To My HeartKeith Hudson???
S. 90 SkankBig Youth???DJ
Fat BabyAugustus Pablo???Melodica
Broken ContractZap Pow???Horns
2.Stabilizer???Flesh of my Skin, Blood of my Blood
3.The Exile SongSkiddy & Detroit???
5.WildfireKeith Hudson???
6.Five More Minutes Of Your TimeKeith Hudson???partly "Baby Why"
7.In The RainKeith Hudson???
8.   remix of track 7
9.?????????"Declaration Of Rights"
10.?????????"Satta Massagana"
11.Don't Think About MeHorace Andy (& Earl Flute?)???
I'm All RightJah Woosh???
Skin Him AliveDino Perkins???

Keith Hudson: "Brand" (1977)

Mixed byPrince Jammyat???
Rhythms played by(see below)at???
Produced byKeith Hudsonreleased onPressure Sounds
Dub versions of the album "Rasta Communication".
2 "previously unreleased versions" (tracks 13+14).
Drums: Sly Dunbar & Eric "Fish" Clarke; Bass: Fuller (George Fullwood) & Ranchie McLean
Guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith & Ranchie McLean & Keith Hudson & Tony (Chin?)
Keyboard: Errol "Tarzan" Nelson & Keith Hudson & Bedford (Theophilius Beckford?)
1.SinnersKeith Hudson???
I'm No FoolKeith HudsonRasta Communication
2.Rasta CountryKeith HudsonRasta Communication
3.Rasta CountryKeith HudsonRasta Communication
5.I Won't CompromiseKeith HudsonRasta Communication
6.My Eyes Are RedKeith Hudson(track 13)
Bloody EyesKeith HudsonRasta Communication
7.MusicologyKeith HudsonRasta Communication
8.Felt The StrainKeith Hudson(track 14)
Rasta Communication
9.I'm Not SatisfiedKeith HudsonRasta Communication
10.Rasta CommunicationKeith HudsonRasta Communication
13.   Vocal
14.   Vocal

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