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Gregory Isaacs

Gregory Isaacs: "Slum - Gregory Isaacs In Dub" (1978)

Mixed byPrince JammyatKing Tubby's
Rhythms played byRevolutionariesatChannel One
Produced byGregory Isaacsreleased onCSA / Burning Sounds
Some rhythms also used on: Negrea Love Dub

Tracks 11-14 = CD bonus (TAD'S)
Track 11: This is not from "Extra Classic", but a re-recording.

1.John PublicGregory IsaacsCool Ruler
2.Party In The SlumGregory IsaacsCool Ruler
3.Uncle JoeGregory IsaacsCool Ruler
4.Words Of The FarmerGregory IsaacsCool Ruler
5.One More TimeGregory IsaacsCool Ruler
6.Don't Pity MeGregory IsaacsCool Ruler
7.?????????"Party Time"
8.Black Against BlackGregory IsaacsExtra Classic
9.Spirit Of UmojaDennis Brown (& Augustus Pablo)???"Sweet Talking"
10.?????????"Love Won't Come Easy"
11.JailerGregory Isaacs???
12.If You're Feeling Hot (Cool You)Gregory Isaacs???
13.???Gregory Isaacs???
14.???Gregory Isaacs???

Gregory Isaacs: "Gregory In Dub" (1996)

Mixed byMike Pelanconi & Dread Flimstoneat???
Rhythms played by(see below)at???
Produced by???released onAcid Jazz
Tracks 1-9: Drums & Percussion: Footsie Drum Man; Bass: Laroy Bushell
Guitar: Barbara Naps; Keyboard: Clifton "Bigga" Morrison
Trumpet: Niles Hailstone; Trombone: Henry Matis; Sax: Winston Rose.
Track 10: Drums: Errol Reid; Bass: Phillip Poleon
Rhythm Guitar: Francois Cuffy; Lead Guitar: Cassius Powell
Trombone: Jonathan Enright; Trumpet: Denys Baphste; Sax: Sean Corby.
2.Try MeGregory IsaacsPrivate Lesson
3.Mister Know It AllGregory IsaacsPrivate Lesson
4.She Doesn't Want MeGregory IsaacsPrivate Lesson
5.Preacher BoyGregory IsaacsPrivate Lesson
6.Slave MasterGregory IsaacsPrivate Lesson
7.Private LessonGregory IsaacsPrivate Lesson
8.Feeling Sad TonightGregory IsaacsPrivate Lesson
9.Blessed Are The PoorGregory IsaacsPrivate Lesson
10.???Gregory Isaacs???

Bunny Wailer: "Dubd'sco Vol. 1 & 2" (1978)

Mixed bySylvan Morris & Carl Patterson (Peterson?)at???
Rhythms played by(see below)atAquarius & ?
Produced byBunny Wailerreleased onSolomonic, CD: Jahmin' / RAS
Drums: Carlton Barrett & Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace & Sly Dunbar
Bass: Aston "Family Man" Barrett & Robbie Shakespear & Karl Pitterson & Earl "Wya" Lindo
Guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith & "Fratter" & Douglas "Dougie" Bryan & Peter Tosh
Keyboards: Aston "Family Man" Barrett & Robbie Shakespear & Karl Pitterson & Earl "Wya" Lindo & Tyrone Downie & Harold Butler & Winston Wright & Bernard "Touter" Harvey & Keith Sterling
Alto Sax: Herman Marquis & "Jackie"; Tenor Sax: Richard "Dirty Harry" Hall & Tommy McCook & Dean Fraser
Trumpet: Bobby Ellis; Trombone: Ronald "Nambo" Robinson & Vin "Trammie" Gordon; Horn: M. West
Melodica: Peter Tosh; Repeater: Bunny Wailer; Bongos: Willie Pep; Percussion: Uziah "Sticky" Thompson.
1.Roots, Radics, Rockers, ReggaeBunny WailerRetrospective
2.Fight Against ConvictionBunny WailerBlackheart Man
3.AmagideonBunny WailerBlackheart Man
4.Fig TreeBunny WailerBlackheart Man
5.Love FireBunny WailerRetrospective
6.RastamanBunny WailerBlackheart Man
7.DreamlandBunny WailerBlackheart Man
8.BurialBunny WailerSings The Wailers(to be confirmed)
9.I Stand PredominateBunny WailerSings The Wailers(to be confirmed)
10.Walk The Proud LandBunny WailerSings The Wailers(to be confirmed)
11.Rule This LandBunny WailerSings The Wailers(to be confirmed)
12.I'm The ToughestBunny WailerSings The Wailers
13.Dancing ShoesBunny WailerSings The Wailers(to be confirmed)
14.Mellow MoodBunny WailerSings The Wailers(to be confirmed)
15.Keep On Movin'Bunny WailerSings The Wailers
16.HypocritesBunny WailerSings The Wailers
17.Worly GirlyBunny WailerI'n'I Father's House(to be confirmed)

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