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Culture & Heptones

Culture: "Culture In Dub; 15 Dub Shots" (????)

Mixed byErrol BrownatTreasure Isle
Rhythms played bySly & Robbie with the RevolutionariesatTreasure Isle
Produced byS.E. Pottingerreleased onHeartbeat
Drums: Sly Dunbar & Mickey "Boo" Richards; Bass: Ranchie McLean & Robbie Shakespear
Guitars: Ranchie McLean & Duggie Bryan & Willie Lindo
Keyboards: Earl "Wire" Lindo & Ansel Collins & Harold Buttler
Percussion: Uzziah "Sticky" Thompson & Harry Powell
Horns: David Madden, Cedric Brooks, Clive Hunt, Vin Gordon, Deadly Headley, Nambo Robinson, Herman Marquis, Dean Fraser.
1.Dog A Go Nyam DogCultureProduction Something
2.Love Shine BrightCultureHarder Than The Rest
3.Natty Never Get WearyCultureCumbolo
4.Play SkillfullyCultureHarder Than The Rest
5.Down In JamaicaCultureCumbolo
6.Iron Sharpen IronCultureHarder Than The Rest
7.The ShepherdCultureInternational Herb
8.Mind Who You Beg For HelpCultureCumbolo
9.WeepingCultureProduction Something
10.VacancyCultureHarder Than The Rest
11.Free AgainCultureHarder Than The Rest
12.PyakaCultureProduction Something
13.Jah RastafariCultureInternational Herb
14.Work On NattyCultureHarder Than The Rest
15.Holy Mt. ZionCultureHarder Than The Rest

Heptones: "Dub Dictionary" (????)

Mixed by(various)at(various Studios)
Rhythms played by(various)at(various Studios)
Produced byHeptonesreleased onTrench Town
Track 10: The Dub seems to be slower than the vocal version.
Track 14: There are several versions of "Book Of Rules". This sounds like the version on the album "Night Food", but there are additional strings and horns on the Dub.
Track 24: There are two versions of "Country Boy": One on the album "Night Food" and another produced by Harry J. I don't know which one belongs to this Dub.
1.Get In The GrooveHeptonesFattie Fattie
2.Party TimeHeptonesOn Top
3.Love Won't Come EasyHeptones(Studio1)"Frozen Soul"
4.You've Turned AwayHeptonesTing A Ling
5.Ting A LingHeptonesTing A Ling
6.Pretty Looks Isn't AllHeptonesOn Top"Pretty Looks"
7.Purple LightsHeptones(Studio1)
8.We Are In The MoodHeptonesOn Top
9.Be A ManHeptonesTing A Ling
10.MamaHeptonesFattie Fattie
11.Choice Of ColoursHeptones(Studio1)
12.Everybody's TalkingHeptones(Studio1)
13.Sea Of LoveHeptonesOn Top
14.Book Of RulesHeptones???
15.Love Without FeelingHeptones(Harry Mudie)see also "Dub Conference Vol. 1"
16.(One Step In Dub)Heptones???
17.Nine Pound SteelHeptones???
18.Pure SorrowHeptones???
19.Meaning Of LifeHeptones???
20.Born To Love YouHeptones???
21.(Ivy's Dub Special)Heptones???
22.Soul SisterHeptonesLegends From Studio One
23.Crying Over YouHeptonesParty Time
24.Country BoyHeptonesNight Food ?
25.Freedom To The PeopleHeptonesAnd Friends
26.Sweat For You BabyHeptonesLegends From Studio One"Born To Love You"

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