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Producer: Roy Cousins

King Tubbys: "First Prophet Of Dub" (????)

Mixed by???atKing Tubby's
Rhythms played by(see below)atDynamic & Channel One & Aquarius & Randy's
Produced byRoy Anthony Cousinsreleased onTamoki-Wambesi-Dove
Drums: Carlton "Santa" Davis & "Benbow" & Phil Chandler & Rancel "Rusty" Chambers & Sly Dunbar & Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace
Bass: Lloyd Parkes & "Flabba" Holt & Robbie Shakespear & Neville Mitchell & George Fullwood & Berthram Johnson
Guitars: "Ranchie" McLean & Geoffrey Chung & Noel "Sewell" Radic & Earl "Chinna" Smith & Rod "Duggie" Bryan & Ernest Ranglin & Tony Chin & Karl Taylor
Keyboards: Pablo Black & Robert Lyn & Colin Nichalson & Gladstone Anderson & Lloyd Charmers & Ansel Collins & Earl "Wire" Lindo & Winston Wright
Horns: Vin Gordon, Bobby Ellis, Tommy McCook
Percussion: Sticky & Skully & Errol "Johnny Pedal" Mullings.

Tracks 7-12 very poor sound quality.
Mix: Most tracks probably mixed by Tubby's team.
I doubt that track 4 was also produced by Roy Cousins.

Track 6: different mix on Scientist: "High Priest Of Dub".
Track 10 is the same as track 3 on Force Of Music: "Liberated Dub".
Track 12 is the same as Scientist V. The Professor: "Dub Duel at King Tubby's" track 7.

1.???I Roy????
4.Everlasting DubAugustus PabloThriller
6.May Be For LongGaylads???
9.???I Roy????
12.InformerCornell CampbellDouble Top
Free Speech & MovementRoyalsTen Years After

Chemist: "Dub Mixture" (1984)

Mixed byPeter Chemistat???
Rhythms played by(see below)atChannel One & Harry J
Produced byRoy Cousinsreleased onKingdom
Drums: Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace & "Style" Scott; Bass: Errol "Flabba" Holt & Professor Larry
Guitars: Dwight Pinkney & "Tonic"; Piano: "Steelie"

Track 3 is the same as Force Of Music: "Liberated Dub" track 1.
Track 4 & 9: different mixes on Scientist: "Repatriation Dub".

1.That LoveEarl 16???
Me Big Me BadCharlie ChaplinRed Pond
2.JuliaEarl 16???
3.Crazy WomanEarl 16???
4.Angel Face WomanDon Carlos & GoldGhetto Living
5.Pretty BabyDon Carlos & GoldPlantation
6.Diet RockCharlie ChaplinChaplin Chant"Guiding Star"
8.Judgement Day?Don Carlos????"A Love I Can Feel"
9.?????????"A Love I Can Feel"
10.OK My LoveEarl 16???
Ghetto LivingDon CarlosGhetto Living
EntertainerCharlie ChaplinRed Pond

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