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"Rodigan's Dub Classics" (1996)

Mixed byvariousatvarious
Rhythms played byvariousatvarious
Produced by???released onRewind Selecta
Detailed sleeve notes.

The Dubs of "Nightfall" and "Kiss Somebody" by Johnny Osbourne seem to be different mixes as on "Nightfall Showcase".

1.Kingston 12 TuffieMorwells???
2.I Admire YouLarry MarshallI Admire You
3.The SunCornel CampbellNatty Dread In A Greenwich Farm"Stars"
4.Screaming TargetBig Youth???"No No No"
5.Dreadlocks PowerCarlton Patterson???
6.Pablo In Moonlight CityAugustus Pablo???
7.Sun Is ShiningWailers???P: Bunny Lee
8.Not ResponsibleCarlton & Leroy???"Not Responsible"
9.Pass The KouchieMighty Diamonds???
10.NightfallJohnny OsbourneNightfall
11.Brand New BabyLarry Marshall???
12.Don't Trouble TroubleJohnny ClarkeDon't Trouble Trouble
14.Kiss SomebodyJohnny OsbourneNightfall

King Tubby & Friends: "Dub Explosion" (1995)

Mixed byKing Tubby & othersatvarious
Rhythms played byvariousatvarious
Produced byvariousreleased onTrojan
1.?????????P: Alvin Ranglin
2.Wailing Of Black PeopleVelvet Shadows???
3.House Of DreadlocksBig Youth???"Curley Locks"
4.Right Road To ZionJahlights???
5.Mr. Mission ImpossibleViceroys???P: Winston Riley
6.The Slave TradeOne Love???
7.?????????P: Alvin Ranglin
8.Lead On Jah JahCecil Smith???
9.A Big Big GirlLinval ThompsonRide On Dreadlocks (comp.)Mix: Tubby
10.Rejoice Of Jah ChildrenSilvertones???P: Lee Perry
11.Move Out A BabylonJohnny Clarke???Mix: Tubby
12.Natty Dread In A Greenwich FarmCornel CampbellNatty Dread In A Greenwich FarmMix: Tubby
13.Majority RuleJimmy RileyMajority Rule"Majority Rule"
Mix: Ossie Hibert
14.Don't Cut Off Your DreadlocksLinval ThompsonRide On Dreadlocks (comp.)Mix: Tubby
15.Dread Out DeJoy White???
16.InformerCornel Campbell???
17.Long TimeWinston Fergus???
18.Babylon A Fall DownVelvet Shadows???
19.Jah Jah No NewLambert Douglas???
20.Dignity And PrincipleBig Joe???
21.Jah Jah Bless The DreadlocksDiamonds???Mix: Tubby
22.African WomanWinston Fergus???

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